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Social Media Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

Social media marketing is a great way to advertising your local business but it order for it to be effective it needs to be creative and engaging. Several small business owners use their social media to advertise the products and/or services their business sells rather then using it to engage and interact with their audience, which is what creates brand loyalty and trust.

The connections you make through social media marketing turn into loyal customers and brand ambassadors down the road when the campaign is executed correctly. Using social media the correct way can result in a large group of consumers that will eventually turn into customers, with many developing into long-term repeat customers.

Here are some tips to focus on when it comes time to develop your social media marketing campaign:

Avoid being overly promotional

The majority of consumers on social media will interact with content that they feel relates to them and they can connect to on a personal level. If the consumer feels that a social media post is only there to sell them something they will tend to keep scrolling down the twitter feed because they don't connect to the message. Keep the messages fun and playful for the best response and interaction.

Communicate and acknowledge your social media audience

One of the draws to social media is the direct access it gives the consumer to their favorite companies and brands. If a consumer is asking a question or replying to a post made by your company then they are obviously interested in what you offer. You can build a solid relationship with your audience by communicating with them directly through social media.

Not only will these consumers potentially turn into life long supporters of your brand, but their word of mouth promotion can introduce many more people to your brand simply because you took a few seconds to acknowledge them on social media.

Make sure the personality of your business is conveyed through your social media

When you post across your social media outlets it needs to showcase some personality. It doesn’t matter if you are marketing to other businesses in a B2B setting or marketing directly to the consumer, personality is key. Posts that read like advertisements will not be received well. Creating fun social media posts allow the consumers to interact with your company in a natural way. People are more receptive when they feel like there is an actual human being behind a brand, and this is true for casual consumers as well as B2B contacts.

Direct your social media posts towards the consumer’s emotions and not their bank account

When it comes to content marketing, the content that the consumer connects with and shares or replies to is the most valuable. Examples are a “Like” or comment on Facebook, or a mention or re-tweet on Twitter. These are great indications that your social media following enjoys the message your are attempting to get across via social media.

The average consumer today is very good at distinguishing between genuine and flat out “sales” posts. Too much of a focus on sales will quickly push your social audience away.

A well planned and executed social media marketing strategy can do wonders for your branding, and also help you build an ever growing customer base. Use the tips above to help develop a strong social media strategy for your business.

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