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Social media jobs: How to get a paid career in the social media industry

Social Media Job Tip 1
Social Media Job Tip 1
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How to start your career in the social media management industry: A comprehensive guide for getting your dream social media job.

How to start your career in the social media management industry: A comprehensive guide for getting your dream social media job.
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Social media is a fast growing, highly dynamic job market. It has extremely bright prospects, yet there are many chances for mistakes in the application process. This article seeks to provide any prospective social media marketing position seekers with a comprehensive guide to getting a job doing social media.

This article features interviews with social media professionals, recruiters, job acquisition guides, and resources.

Many people dream of being able to stay home and make a living. Some people want to take care of their kids instead of carting them off to daycare or be there when their older children get home from school.

Other people want to be able to create their own schedules and relish the idea of working at home in their pjs and not have to get dressed up to go into the office. For people who have social media jobs, that dream has come true.

Advice from Experts and Recruiters:

Stay Current and Informed about developments in the Social Marketing Industry.

"Make sure that you can prove you know what is happening now," said Emily Duke, Marketing Manager at Diamond Envy. "Keep your personal social profiles current (post at least every day!) and keep up with the trends and industry news. If you want to blog for a company, make sure you know and read the relevant bloggers- don't just skim."

Recommended for you: YouTube Jobs** This page will allow you to get in touch with employers that are looking for people to manage their YouTube accounts. Great job experience for beginners looking for something relevant to put on their resume.

"If you want to be the face of a Twitter account, talk about the changes that they are rolling out. It always leaves a mark with the interviewer if you can teach them something they didn't already know. It shows that you are intelligent, dedicated and flexible."

Be active.

"Companies love someone who is active and knowledgeable in social media," added Brent Csutoras of Kairay Media, "but to stand out and really get a high quality social media position, you need to know where social media is going and what tactics are going to be working on the top social sites, not only today, but in the coming weeks and months as well."

Practice what you preach.

"I've seen more and more people create personal websites, said" Laura King, Sr. Interactive Marketing Recruiter at Versique, "including social profiles to showcase who they are to prospective employers. It comes back to owning your personal brand, and what better place to showcase yourself than online?"

"A resume doesn't have the same pizzazz that a personal website does to embed links to the work you've done (especially if you work in creative) or really showcase your voice and style in the social sphere. I'm looking for someone that not only has the skills, but the personality that will make us proud to represent this person."

Another Social Media Position Acquisition Resource: Twitter Jobs ** This site provides a great opportunity for beginners to get valuable, resume worthy experience in the social media industry. They will put you in touch with employers looking for people to manage their Twitter accounts.

How to Get a Social Media Position:

People who work in social media management help businesses promote their companies through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus or LinkedIn by writing posts, tweets or posting pictures and videos relating to the products and services they sell.

They help the companies they work for formulate social media strategies to help attract followers in order to increase the traffic to their websites or to get customers through the door of their brick and mortar businesses.

Demonstrate experience meeting the needs of clientele:

While most of their clients will be businesses of any size, other people may need social media experts to take care of their social media accounts for them. Actors, musicians, writers and others use social media to promote their work, as well as to stay in touch with their fans. However, if they don't wish to post themselves, they will hire someone to manage their accounts for them.

Another quality resume building resource: Facebook Jobs ** This page will put you in touch with people looking to hire people to manage their facebook pages

If you want to know how to get paid to do social media work, then you need to do your research online. Most businesses that hire paid social networking experts want someone who is experienced with social media and that know how to use it to promote. While you may have a personal social media account, using it to promote a business or an artist's work is far different from tweeting or posting what you ate for lunch.

Tips for getting work as a social media pro:

Research how to use social media for promotion, learn how to build an audience quickly and then promote yourself to potential clients. Small business owners may not have time to deal with the social networking industry, so try promoting yourself to them in order to land them as clients.

To show clients that you know how to market through social media, promote yourself so you can grow your list of clientele. If you can demonstrate success at promoting yourself, you can help use social media to promote and grow their business as well.

Another highly recommended job resource: [click to learn more] ** Yet another high quality resource site. It is basically networking on autopilot. They will do all the work for you for a very reasonable fee. Very cool service. Check it out.

Additional Social Career Attainment Resources on the Web:

**Denotes affiliate links to a Social Media Jobs website.

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