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Social media is vital to successfully shedding weight

Since the birth of social media, it now appears that social media affects how success one is with losing weight. According to Social Blog on Jan. 3rd, they explain why social media is such an important aspect of weight loss success.

Social media can help encourage and offer virtual support in those who are on the verge of giving up on their weight loss goals.
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Let’s face it, if you have embarked on a weight loss journey, you will need support at some point. Losing weight is an exhausting and very hard thing to embark on. For most people, it involves completely changing their life. Social media forums or groups can help motivate a person when they feel like giving up. The participants are more likely to be completely honest on line, because they usually do have to worry about meeting or knowing the other member in their real life. Many social media users claim they could not have lost weight without the virtual interaction of the members of the groups or forums.


Twitter provides a simple way to give you support to lose weight: Hash tags. If you want to post a tweet about weight loss, simply post the tweet and use the tag #weightloss. Then, all those searching for weight loss will see your tweet.


Facebook provides a more personal way to lose weight with your virtual friends. You are able to either create a community also called a page. Post about your struggles and encourage the interaction from other members. Other Facebook users can ‘like’ your page so they see all your post in their newsfeed.

Another way Facebook can be an asset to losing weight is by using Facebook groups. These groups are typically either secret or closed status. You can post about your struggles and victories in a private setting. Private group can be a place that you create lasting friendships.

Track your progress with Intagram

Instagram is a great website that allows you to upload your photos to share to Facebook or Twitter. It can be useful in tracking your weight loss. You can visually see the changes in your body, and share it with either your friends or private groups. It can be a great source of motivation and encouragement to all who see your photos.


Social media is a great place to see what others are saying about a particular product. For example, if you want to try Shakeology shakes, you can go to their company page and see what others are saying after buying the product. It can be such a valuable asset so you can make sure the product will meet your needs. Additionally, you can also look up different diet plans before you buy the book or supplements.

Losing weight is hard, but with support and a good social media outreach, it can be easier. Just knowing someone will always be there for you, any time day or night, to cheer you will often times make someone feel inspired to lose weight.

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