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Social media is in the driver's seat and taking our relationships for a ride

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In this hectic rat-race that we live in filled with work, family and numerous responsibilities, it is hard to keep up with all of our friends. Enters social media to save the day! With our iPhones or smartphones strapped to us like another appendage, we go through our daily routine tweeting and chatting on Facebook or LinkedIn. Now there is a new ‘invitation only’ social medial platform coming soon called iqkonnect. This site will be like no other because you can earn income and rewards by sharing with social media. It will be the next big wave in social media that everyone will want to ride.

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So where does that leave us? In many instances our relationships have been reduced to online communications instead of face-to-face communication or phone conversations. Technology has shot us into another dimension that is filled with online relationships that has opened up a whole new world of communication. We can now connect with people across the globe and meet people we don’t know from the comfort of our own home. While the human contact from a traditional relationship is missing, a new type of relationship forms when using social media. An innovative use of technology and social media melding with human contact can be found in the socially intelligent blu eCigs® that vibrates and flashes a blue light when they are within 50 feet of another e-cigarette pack. This unique form of social media allows people to connect face-to-face through a common interest. Ingenious!

Relationships are best when cultivated in person, but social media can enhance the connection with the ease and frequency one can communicate. Striking a balance between social media, phone conversation and in person meetings is difficult when life can get in the way. Your personal connections are your social network and social media has become a permanent part of the equation. Always strive to balance social interaction with social media for balanced relationships.