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Social media helps force surrender of dogs left out in the cold

Beagles have been surrendered
Beagles have been surrendered
Via Angels for Animals FB page

Update 1/29/14: Both dogs have been examined by a veterinarian. According to Angels for Animals, the 12-year-old dog has heartworms, both dogs have infected ears and both are suffering from dental problems.

Two dogs are no longer being housed outside in Mahoning County, Ohio, in frigid weather conditions, thanks to the efforts of animal welfare advocates who utilized social media to express their concern over the dogs' living conditions, reported Tuesday's

On Monday, the dogs' owner surrendered his two beagles to the Mahoning County dog warden because he was "tired" of the scrutiny.

Dave Nelson, with the animal control agency, stated:

He said he doesn’t want to take any more heat,”

The dogs, age 6 and 12, have since been turned over to the rescue agency, Angels for Animals.

On Monday, the rescue agency posted the following on their Facebook page:

Yes we have them! They are safe and warm in a temporary foster home tonight and will be at the shelter tomorrow! Many of you know about these boys. They lived in that enclosure their whole lives. Never out to play or go for walks. Only out once a year to go hunting. They were separated by chicken wire so they couldn't even keep each other warm. They both need special fosters who can work on house training and socializing each of them with other dogs.

Officials at the Youngstown Police Department received calls and emails from people across the nation, and from various parts of the world, who were upset that the dogs were forced to remain outdoors in the bitter cold.

The dogs' owner was not facing any charges for keeping the beagles outside; the minimum standards for care were being met.

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