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Social Media giving birth to a "Selfie" Nation

The recent article describing the events surrounding a false Escondido bomb threat allegedly made by a Miami resident in the name of an Escondido teen is yet another example of the growing impact of Social Media. Never before has it been possible to gain such quick access to both photos and other information for millions of internet users at just the touch of a button.

Selfie Nation

The benefits of an information highway that is available from anywhere in the world are vast. Although most members of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook enjoy the ability to post photos, connect with family and friends, upload videos and communicate in real time, those very same activities can supply predators with information that might otherwise remain private..

Cyber space has given birth to a "Selfie" Nation. Users are posting millions of self snap shots across media sites on a daily basis via smart phones and computers.

There is limited policing of the internet, discretion and scrutiny of suspicious activity by users is still critical. Young children are especially at risk from dangerous internet activity. Parents should keep a watchful eye and monitor internet activity for minors. Bullying and inappropriate activity can often escalate if unchecked.

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