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Social media: free tools and advertising for career growth

Let the world see you!
Let the world see you!
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  • Stacy Williams 6 years ago

    These are great tips. As a new business owner, I've heard all about social networking but i was not sure if it was right for me. thank you for this great advice!

  • Cindy Ratzlaff | Brand New Brand You 6 years ago

    Excellent advice. Every college student should be thinking about their personal brand as they prepare to create resumes. And, every person downsized by the economy needs to think clearly about their personal brand and develop a strategy to convey that brand in a Google search dominated world. Thank you for the clear, concise advice.

  • Karmen Reed 6 years ago

    Great reminder to pay attention to "who we are" out there in the big wide world of online relationships Francine!

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