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Social media for the writer

Social media brings more people together
Social media brings more people together
Michael Jastremski

As a writer in the digital age, there are a number of things we must be aware of. One of the most confusing is the online world of social media. There are a number of things to remember when utilizing social media.

The first is be careful. Your diatribes against your boss, your angry ranting about your friend, or your drunken pictures of your weekend getaway are all accessible online when someone looks up your name. Keep those off by not putting them on in the first place.

The second is be concise. Whatever you're posting, you need to keep it brief and to the point. It may be tempting to write paragraphs about your beliefs or in response to someone else's comments, and sometimes that's necessary, but for the most part keep it short and simple. Twitter is a great tool for learning to do that.

The third is be yourself. It's hard in this day and age to see someone for who they are online. Be honest and show yourself for who you are. That doesn't mean you need to swear or always post Bible verses if that's something you do on a regular basis. Be civil and mindful of others, but put yourself out there and make yourself known as a person.

There have been several local authors who made connections and shared their work through social media. They would never have discovered each other or the books that were written without the benefit of the online world that we all inhabit.

Writers can connect to authors through social media. It's a valuable asset when building up a reader base. It can draw people into your world and make them crave more. You can generate a lot of interest and followers if you practice good social media etiquette.

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