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Social Media Exposure in the Republic of the Congo

The Republic of the Congo is a nation that has been making great advances in infrastructural development. With President Denis Sassou Nguesso at the helm, the Republic of the Congo has embarked on a number of infrastructure projects involving both neighbors—Gabon and Cameroon for instance—as well as more distant nations like China. Through international collaboration, the Republic of the Congo has constructed hydroelectric plants and power lines in an effort to fully electrify the whole country. The Republic of the Congo has also taken big strides in the field of telecommunications, laying down fiber optic cables and telephone lines to bring the people of the nation closer together.

Republic of the Congo

In our modern times, the most important part of telecommunications is arguably the Internet. And one of the major aspects of the Internet nowadays is social media. Though social media usage in the Republic of the Congo is not too high, it has been steadily growing among the population. As more and more people gain access to the Internet, many have jumped right into using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter among others. President Denis Sassou Nguesso has made full use of such platforms. His Twitter is followed by well over 1,000 people and he ranks as one of the most widely followed African politicians. He also utilizes Google+ to reach out to the masses. Last month, the president used the Congo’s Google+ page to deliver a video message about his wishes for the country for the year 2014.

It’s not just politicians who are utilizing social media. Major cities such as Brazzaville and Pointe Noire have a number of Facebook pages/ Businesses through the Republic of the Congo are harnessing the power of social networking to generate customers and sales. Just take a look at a small sample of the many businesses that have taken to social media:

Though at the moment social media usage in the country as a whole is small, it is definitely growing. The now decade of peace in the Republic of the Congo has led to increasing prosperity. Telecommunication continues to extend to more and more Congolese citizens with companies like Mahindra Comviva—which provides value-added service—and MTN Congo working together to improve subscribers’ broadband service; Chinese phone company Huawei has been working with Airtel Congo—Congo’s largest wireless carrier—to make smart phones cheaper and therefore more available. With steps like these being taken, it is certain that the Republic of the Congo will establish a strong presence in social media.

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