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Social media explodes over Bensalem bear killing

File photo of a bear cub
Bear .org

State Game Wardens found the bear that was walking around Bensalem Twp late yesterday, May 25 2014. They made an executive decision and euthanized it. Euthanize is a kindler ,more gentle word for kill, which is what they did. Now those that are responsible are getting taken to task over social media. Like here

People are not happy. Overwhelming criticism. for the game commission. They allege that the bear was hit by a vehicle and suffered a broken leg. No motorist came forward to report this. The broken leg could have been from a fall or something else. Still, most people are calling this a lazy, uneducated , knee jerk response to an incident and the game commission is taking major heat for it.

Most people feel the injured animal should have been been captured, and released to a sanctuary. Very little effort would be required to do this. However,it was more effort than shooting it, which is what happened. That is why the community is steamed. Local and national news websites are picking up this story. and it's going viral, fast.

There are some that thank the game commission citing the fact that someone could have been killed. That argument goes out the window, Here is why: The bear is captured. He is no longer a threat. No one was hurt, yet these folks have blind faith that every decision made is the correct one. The truth is , game wardens do kill animals many times over. However, for some reason, people took a liking to this bear that outsmarted game wardens and cops for the better part of the holiday weekend.

There are others that say "So what,it's only social media", Well social media is today, what letters to the editor were 20 years ago,.So instead of getting five or 10 letters, there are over 500 people commenting and more every hour. That means the majority of the population are not happy with the game comission's actions. Feel free to voice your opinion below, pro or con.

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