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Social Media explained for once and for all – until the next new thing

Social Media defined

If everyone’s so engaged with social media, who’s minding the store? Even President Obama (and/or staff) are active online participants.

Tech savvy seniors beware. Hard as it may be to admit, as “on trend” and “tech savvy” and “early adaptor” as ever, sometimes it may feel like the world’s passing us by. Is it? Maybe.

Technology is a challenge – and it’s not only a “senior” thing. The world is changing more rapidly than ever and keeping up with all the technological advances online isn’t easy. The question is, “Who the heck has time for ALL the different sites?”

Teens -- High school and college students? (Shouldn’t you be studying?)

Young parents? (Don’t you have someone to pick up, a lunch to pack, homework to check?)

Loners? (Why don’t you get out and get a real life?)

Seniors? (Sure you have time, but how much is left?)

If I spent just minutes on each site, I’d have no time left to spend time with my grandkidskids, to do my job, or have any time left to have a life (including sleep).

I’m not the only one faced with this dilemma, so let’s try to figure out what the sites are and which ones can be meaningful to us.

The accompanying photo is making its way around the world wide web on FaceBook and is (IHO – in my humble opintion) the BEST. EXPLANATION. EVER. of the various Social Media sites that are around. No need to read the article as you get a pretty good explanation, thanks to anonymous person who knew who created it.

That being said, here are a few more comments to help clarify and navigate Social Media sites:

  1. MYSPACE. It’s passé, so forget about it.
  2. TWITTER. In 144 characters or less, this is what you are doing NOW.
  3. FACEBOOK. What you like, including sharing LIKE-ing yours and others’ posts.
  4. FOURSQUARE. Sharing map/destination of where you are now – who cares, I don’t know.
  5. INSTAGRAM. Photo sharing site where you can pretend to be artsy and altar your photos.
  6. YOU TUBE. Upload and view videos of everything from your shrieking cat to how to make matzo balls.
  7. LINKED IN. Business networking gone awry.
  8. PINTEREST. Originally meant to share photos of things you like (interior design, animals photos, quotes) to a recipe site that has lots of spam, so beware.
  9. LAST FM. Never heard of it. Anyone?
  10. GIT. Et al.

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