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Social media channels lack engagement? Spice things up with these 8 suggestions

Sharing content is what social media is all about, but the quality of an organization’s content is most important. The goal should be to create and share relevant, thoughtful content that your audience feels compelled to engage with. It’s important to diversify the type of content that is shared to keep things interesting to followers.

A social media campaign is not simply an organization’s news feed. A social media campaign is an array of curated content that comes together to form a cohesive brand message. If you’re struggling to think of creative ways to diversify your social media channels, here are eight different content types that might serve to spice things up a bit:

1. Industry Specific Posts
It’s a great idea to post tips and best practices from your industry so that prospective clients will come to know you as a subject matter expert or the leading source for information.

2. Client Specific Posts
Win the admiration of your clients and build loyalty by sharing special achievements and important news from the clients, potential clients, or industries that you serve within.

3. Work Samples
If permitted by your client or company, share examples of work whenever possible.

4. Original Content
To establish thought leadership, seek to create original content around topics of expertise. The content should take the form of but not be limited to:

• White papers and articles
• Press releases
• Newsletters
• Infographics
• Videos

5. Giveaway Campaigns
Giveaways are a powerful way to increase the number of followers on social channels, create buzz around an organization, and prospect. To start, try promoting one giveaway per quarter.

6. Holiday Posts
Whenever possible, look to tie what you do to a holiday or current event. This practice creates interest and often results in engagement from your social media community.

7. Public Relations Social
If applicable, achieve prospective client and industry attention through promoting awards or mentions in major publications on the appropriate social channels.

8. Event Social
Twitter and Instagram are ideal channels for engaging with your clients and prospects while attending events. Today, organized events utilize specific hashtags that aggregate posts and conversations from the event. Be sure to identify the hashtag for an event and then utilize it in some of the following ways:

• Invite attendees to your booth
• Post a shout-out to attendees and educate them on who you are
• Promote an event giveaway
• Post a live event picture.
• Post quotes from keynote speakers or people of influence to offer value to attendees or those following the event at home.

Through diverse content, there are endless ways to engage an audience and build a following on social platforms – the key is to be creative.

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