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Social media changes influence online marketing strategy for business

Social media changes influence online marketing strategy for business
Social media changes influence online marketing strategy for business
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Businesses who have added or continue to pursue a social media marketing strategy as part of their business growth plan in the new year must note certain changes if they wish to continue an effective implementation of their investment.

Two main social media channels that have made some important modifications to their platforms (so far this year) include Facebook and Twitter.

Two important changes

  • Facebook has changed their algorithm to focus on promoting high quality content.
  • Twitter on the other hand has implemented expanding images.

What do these changes mean for businesses doing social media?

In regards to Facebook it means that managers want to ensure they are sharing more valuable content from reliable sources. It also means that businesses should produce more content of value to become a high quality source themselves.

When we look at Twitter, we find that businesses who once disregarded this social media channel for the lack of visual shares, can now reconsider their decision. The visual option on Twitter also includes summary previews, and even though the platform is still very different from Facebook, it is an optimal opportunity for businesses.

What to keep in mind

  • If one wishes to achieve visibility for their brand; being online, even if holding a presence only on one channel, is a must. Social media is not going away.
  • There is a strategy behind an effective online marketing and brand management effort. One must ensure they are applying it; otherwise their online presence will be a waste of time and money.
  • Tweaking one’s efforts every so often is the norm; not only to cater to the community and meet the target audience’s needs, but also due to the social media platforms’ continuous changes (such as the ones mentioned above, which will undergo further changes as the year progresses).

Businesses who invest in social media marketing, should know the value behind their investment. Also, the same way they are aware of the value behind the benefits of an online presence; they should also be aware of the need to stay up to date on how they can best use the social media platforms chosen for their company’s branding and marketing efforts.

The key to successfully embark on any journey that pursues growth for business always includes knowledge and awareness.

What other changes are influencing social media strategy for businesses this new year?

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