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Social Media CEOs: 3 Ways To Boost Your Firm’s Productivity

Productivity is one of the most important things we can bring to the business world. It drives us to innovate, create, produce, propel, encourage, and sometimes change the world we live in (depending on your profession). Productivity means different things to different people and sometimes this element of business hits a lull or screeching halt depending on the team involved in a project or workspace.

The environment we work in has a lot to do with how productive we are and directly impacts workplace morale. Changing that environment can make a world of difference in the way work is performed and how much work gets done. Social media CEOs, here are three ways to increase productivity at your firm.

Changing the workspace

Everyone needs a change now and then. Sometimes altering the office space can make all the difference in the productivity of a team. Many offices offer flexible work spaces and executive suites that offer just about everything you need. Premier Business Centers, for example, provides a solution to workplace variety. Having a customized, professional office can give the right impression to clients and boost morale. Premier Business Centers provides full-time executive suites, part-time day offices, virtual offices, shared work offices, and meeting rooms. These offices come with a support staff, so you can move in and get right to work. This is one solution to boosting your team’s productivity.

Tap unconventional ways

Neil Jones of Tweak Your Biz once said that lack of employee productivity cannot be blamed solely on the employee. The author suggests that the environment (specifically work conditions) have a lot to do with worker productivity and company culture. One way the article suggests employers increase productivity is by making employees accountable for their time, actions, and decisions. This means they cannot ‘pass the buck’ on to someone else - a common problem in some workplaces. Flexible workspaces can also mean working remotely from another location either alone or collaborating with a team of people.

Nicole Fallon of Business News Daily also suggests that companies should offer flexible workspaces to employees to boost productivity. The author suggests that offering flexible workspace options gets employees more engaged in their work.

Why yes, have some fun

Approximately half of individuals waking hours are spent at work, so making the time at work pleasurable should be a concern to every boss. Consider including brainstorming team meetings, company lunches, picnics, and other events outside of the workplace. These functions can greatly benefit work productivity and also give employees a chance to bond with their fellow bosses and co-workers.

Who says a workspace needs to be conventional and boring? Employees and management often get more done in non-traditional spaces and ways. Some workers dread being tied to a desk all day, while others like the stability of working in an office. A workplace consists of many different types of personalities, and these personalities need to come together daily to increase productivity and encourage the growth of each employee in the company.

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