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Social media can be a blessing if you let it

It’s a blessing from God when you meet someone over the internet (about 6 years ago) and your platonic, Christian relationship blossoms into a kindred spirit, and a true friendship, between two families. Dr. Allen C. Barham Sr. (Dr. B) and I discovered one another on the social network of “MySpace”. Instead of music, what we had in common was our love for God, writing and public speaking.

Van, Ms. "V" & Dr. B in Tampa, Florida
Van, Ms. "V" & Dr. B in Tampa, Florida
/ Ms. "V" (Poller)
Dr. Allen C. Barham, Sr. ministers in North Jacksonville Florida
/ Ms. "V" (Poller)

On Sunday May 4, 2014, it was the second time two friends (Ms. “V” & Dr. B) got a chance to see each other. Dr. B’s let me know that he was coming to minister in Tallahassee, Orlando & in JAX, FL at New Spirit Full Gospel Word Church (under the leadership of Bishop Forrest and Dr. Willamina Gilbert).

Only one time before had Ms. “V” and her husband come face-to-face with Dr. Barham. This promised to be a very special time because of the opportunity to meet Dr. B’s wife, youngest child and their Grandchild.

God also orchestrated a reunion with a former church member whom I had lost contact, and we had a grand fellowship at New Spirit. Let it also be known that the New Spirit Gospel Word Church was next door to the mortuary where my Mother-in-law was laid to rest back in 2011.

Some people talk about social network meetings as being unsafe, and they could be harmful, yet if we use wisdom then we can be the master over the site instead of the site controlling us. If God can use the electronic highways to kindle relationships, direct people towards opportunities, or bless His people, then who are we to judge. God can use anyone or anything for His purposes.

All this said, it was all due to the interaction of people on social network sites. Sites such as Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others can be harmful if people use them with the wrong intentions, nonetheless, they can be an avenue to lifelong friendships, a realm of information and great opportunities.

If you would like to meet my friend, who is a licensed Christian Psychologist (his wife is soon to be a lawyer - The new Huxtables), then take a look at the pictures, read an excerpt from his books Go Master The Day”, “Live Your Like Purpose and his endorsement in Bent But Not Broken.