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Social media buzz: Trevor Linden returns to the Vancouver Canucks

Social media buzzes about Trevor Linden as Canucks president
Social media buzzes about Trevor Linden as Canucks president
Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

After the rumors swirled on social media networks for more than a day, the Vancouver Canucks confirmed on April 9 that Trevor Linden is the hockey team’s new president. Linden is a retired player of the Canucks who has traditionally been very popular with fans. But, what are fans saying on Facebook and other social media networks about his new role as president of hockey operations for the team? Here is a roundup of the current views.

Facebook is hopping with hockey fans

Fan are having their say on the Vancouver Canuck’s Facebook page. In regards to the link posted on the page yesterday about the press conference to officially announce the new president, there have been over 1,000 likes to date. Comments for the hockey team are overall supportive of the hiring of Trevor Linden. Comments include:

Wow! Best news ever. ~Tracy Richards

Best decision made this year. Watched Trendon all his career and he is the right person for this job. ~Dave Prout

Hope restored! ~Harold Williams

Twitter users on Trevor Linden’s new gig

The fans are also buzzing on Twitter about the new Vancouver Canucks president. In Vancouver, both #Canucks and the word Trev have been trending topics. The Tweets below are from yesterday and today:

Linden named #Canucks President of Hockey Operations has been best news this season. ~ Van Pham @VanPham

Hey Vancouver, make us a promise? Promise you won’t ever chant “FIRE LINDEN!” and that he’ll forever be a local hero, k? ~ Vancouver is Awesome @VIAwesome

President Linden. Good call #Canucks ~Jordan Cunningham @CTVNewsJordan

YouTube video of Trevor Linden gets fans talking

On YouTube, the Vancouver Canucks channel got a new addition yesterday as they uploaded a video titled “Trevor Linden tells his parents he’s Canucks president.” The video, at 1 minute and 7 seconds long, features Linden in his car phoning his parents in Medicine Hat to tell them the news about his new position.

The video has nearly 46 comments to date and nearly 34,000 views. The top commenter, with 22 thumbs up for his comment is from “Hands of Cinderblock.” The comment is: “I really want this to work out.” The comments are overwhelmingly supportive of the hockey team’s new hire.

The future for Vancouver Canucks

As Trevor Linden is officially the new president, replacing Mike Gillis, there is still the issue of who will be the hockey team’s new General Manager. Previously, Gillis had been both president and GM for the team. Now, the position is divided into two different ones. As president, Linden will handle all hockey operations, oversee the coaching and scouting staff members and handle affiliations with minor leagues. Whatever transpires, social media users are sure to continue chiming in on the situation; for now, they are overwhelmingly supportive of the new role for Trevor Linden.

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