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Social media as employment

Do you have what it takes to make a living off of social media?

No this is not a ploy to bring in more people to a direct marketing venture like Wake Up Now or any of the others out there, this is a real question. With new social media platforms popping up almost daily and the increasing influence that these outlets have on purchases, businesses need someone who can successfully manage this aspect. While the platforms are free, investing in Social Media experts is money that companies are more than willing to spend.

So let’s pose the question again… Do you have what it takes?

There is truly an art to Social Media for business and in order to be profitable in this area you must understand what it takes. One thing is that you can’t get discouraged because all 5 of those likes on your 1st post didn’t turn into sales. It takes more than one post for some. Those deeply immersed in the sales world will tell you that you have to touch the average person 6 times before they make a purchase. In the society of now, we want it to be one touch but the reality of that is, that’s unrealistic.

People take to social media for what to use and where to go. At least once a day I see people who are asking their social media friends, what to eat and what should they wear. Think about it, Pinterest (which is the platform with the most spending power) is based off simply ‘pinning’/ sharing things that you find interesting and that you may buy one day. I have whole board dedicated to home I don’t plan to purchase for another couple of years. I have clothes and shoes that I am just waiting for a good reason to go purchase. Don’t even get my started with food and fitness boards filled with delicious food and positive intentions.

The point is someone has to understand the method to this madness and if that person is you, update that resume and get out there. The other nice thing is that in many cases this is a work from home job.

Some things you should know when assessing if you are right for this position.
• Do you understand the why social media works for business and different industries?
• Do you know how to analyze the insights?
• Are all companies trying to be interactive or are some simply there to be informative.
• Does the time of day matter?
• Does the style of post matter?
• What platform is most used by your market?
• What are your competitors doing?

So I ask one last time… Do you have what it takes?

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