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Social Media and Sex: Social Media Week 2014

Social Media and Sex: Social Media week 2014-slide0
Alina Braverman

Now that I've got your attention:) Social Media Week sponsored by Nokia, picked a great week with a break in the weather, to hold it's annual conference about everything social. Most events were held at Highline Stages, which made it easy to attend many panels at once without running around from one venue to the next. Going between floors proved to be a challenge as there was only one huge elevator, I snuck up and down the stairs as I can't stand lines or enclosed spaces. Most of the panels were worth walking up 3 flights of stairs.

Masterclass: Growth Hacking for Startups with Mattan Griffel was fantastic and taught anyone with a start up how to gain growth and where. Only 1% create content, the rest want to consume was the most controversial message and spawned a twitter debate.

Making Social More Social Within Regulated Industries, hosted by LiveWorld and Pfizer W2O, Group Director, Mark Bennet | Citibank, Managing Director, Linda Descano | MasterCard, Senior Vice President, Andrew BowinsModerator: LiveWorld, CEO, Peter Friedman. Was an excellent panel about corporate America jumping into social and how it needs to be tied to business goals/strategy and ROI.

Reinventing The Record Label: Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles Discuss Their New Content Company, 300 Zack O. Greenburg Senior Editor Forbes, Kevin Liles Founder 300 & Lyor Cohen Founder 300. I found this possibly the most fascinating panel as I know very little about the music industry and learned that new talent is being discovered via Twitter.

Engaging Your Audience: Learn the Tactics and Social Strategies From the Industry's Biggest Influencers Jared Keller, Editor Al Jazeera, Tyler Ricci Head of Digital Ad Sales Media Bistro, Amy Vernon Founder Amy Vernon, Troy Alexander, Founder & Creative Director Troy Alexander International, Nicholas Megalis, Richard Spalding CEO The 7th Chamber. This was about the basics of social and balancing social and life, sometimes you have to put your phone down to regain sanity.

Changing The World Through Sex, ran by Cindy Gallop Founder & CEO IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn. Participants Colin Hodge Co-Founder & CEO, Bang With Friends / Down App, Akbar Dhanaliwala Co-Founder, MinnaLife, Sarah Jayne Kinney Co-founder & CEO UnboundBox, Tina Gong Founder HappyPlayTime. This panel was all hype and buzzwords. I don't need to record sessions of dancing with myself thank you very much. Not quite sure what this panel was trying to accomplish besides shock and awe. I left after the weird new sex tech presentation, it left me with images of stroke patients and vibrating limes that I'd rather not have.

Social is constantly changing, Social Media Week does a great job of showcasing where and how. It's also always great to see old friends and make new ones. The contained space fostered introductions and meeting, while the elevator twitter handle entertained those in it. For a full list of panels and sponsors visit, oh yeah and they wrote a book, The Future of Now.

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