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Social Media a Big Money Maker

Is social media and internet companies the way to make it big? Some would sure think so. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is now worth a staggering 33.3 billion dollars after Facebook posted its quarterly earnings. Now Mark is among the elite surpassing the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. What would it be like to be 30 years old and worth that much? We will never know. The big money in today’s world is social media, software, and applications. What if we were to get rid of those worthless magazines and TV shows that say “celebrity news” and replace them with innovators and people who have actually made their money on hard work. Teach more kids to understand technology and build things rather than filling their hopes and dreams to make it to the big leagues only to find out they are not good enough. With knowledge and creativity, the world is your playground. Just ask a few million or billionaires.
The hit TV show, Shark Tank, has two investors by the names of Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec. Both have something in common, they both used software to gain their riches. Kevin O’Leary created a software businesses in his basement which later sold for 3.7 billion dollars. Robert created a tech company which later sold for 100 million dollars. It does not stop there. What’s app, a popular messaging service, was bought for 19 billion dollars. Tumblr, a popular blogging site, was bought by Yahoo for 1.1 billion dollars in cash. Instagram, the popular photo app, was bought by Facebook for 1 billion dollars, 300 million dollars in cash and the rest in Facebook stock. The list never ends. Get out there and do something amazing.

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