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Social Justice: Let pot smokers pay for welfare

Pot revenues should be allocated to paying for welfare programs
Pot revenues should be allocated to paying for welfare programs

Social justice might be so much easier when we legalize drugs, or legalize some of them. The state of Colorado has made $17.9 million dollars in taxing legalized marijuana so far this year. Fox News is reporting today, that “An estimate from the Colorado Department of Revenue showed that Colorado made about $5.3 million from medical and recreational pot taxes and fees in April. That's up from about $5 million in March.”

That means the state could bring in more than $60 million per year from taxes and fees on the sale of legalized marijuana. So maybe those folks were right, that have for years argued for legalizing, regulating and taxing pot. Maybe there is a lot of government revenue here, and it's being paid voluntarily by the pots smokers. If you don't want to pay pot taxes, don't smoke pot. It's that easy. Voluntary taxes, in a free society, are always better than involuntary taxes.

So maybe the rest of the states should legalize and regulate and tax pot, and allocate the revenue to pay for welfare programs. Those who smoke pot can pay the taxes to provide housing, food, health care, and other basic necessities for those who can't afford to provide those things for themselves. It's a perfect solution, the dope smokers pay for welfare. I know some readers are thinking “those are the people smoking the stuff anyway,” but I”ll remind them there are many middle class pot smokers, who work for government departments and such, who will be paying those taxes too. But if you think that low income citizens smoke pot as well, then maybe this is a good way via a voluntary tax to get the poor to pay their fare share of taxes. We know how important, in their definition of social justice, to progressives that everyone has “skin in the game” and pays their share of taxes. Liberals can agree too, let them smoke pot and pay taxes.

There is precedent for this. State lotteries are another voluntary tax, one that regressively hits the poor the hardest, because they are the ones most often buying lottery and lotto tickets. And most of the revenue from state lotteries, that isn't paid out in prizes, goes directly to education and towns and cities. Lotteries are a voluntary tax that raises money for programs that make up some of the better spent among government revenue. So pot taxes, which are equally as voluntary, can raise more revenue for social justice.

This could be the beginning of a real focus on societal improvement at the expense of those promoting societal decay, e.g. real social justice. Tobacco taxes should (perhaps they already do) pay for programs designed to get people to quit smoking. Same with some of the pot taxes. Alcohol taxes should go to pay for alcohol and drug rehab programs that help people who are trying to break their addiction to drugs and booze.

I'd be willing to pay additional taxes on my 32 ounce sodas at convenience stores to pay for obesity programs it would get Michelle Obama to shut up and eat the extremely austere diet plan she preaches for others. Now that would be real social justice. Poetic too.

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