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Social Impact: Ward 7 Part 2

JESSE SNEED recognized in 2014 HBCU's 30 under 30, Mr. Sneed is the direct definition of hard work and dedication. Maya Angelou Public Charter School is an Alternative High School in Washington, DC where at-risk students and students who have suffered from traumatic events attend. Jesse currently works there full as a residential counselor in one of two of the school’s male houses, as well as a part time counselor. In his current job role, he is responsible for the well being of about 10 young men ranging from ages 15 to 20 years old Monday - Friday. During the week Jesse, feeds, tutors, counsels, and bonds with the males of his house. More extraordinary is Jesse’s non- profit foundation, The J.E.S.S.E. Foundation - Just Empowering Student Success through Education which aims to empower, equip and expose parents and adolescents to resources and alternatives that are available in the community. This foundation hopes that these resources will provide assistance to members in under-served communities with achieving any goals or dreams to obtain a higher education that will have a significant impact on their future. Jesse has consistently defied the odds by surviving a impoverished neighborhood in Texas, attending and graduating from Prairie View A & M University, attaining a master’s degree at Howard University, and establishing his very on non-profit organization.

S Henderson El Photography

J.E.S.S.E Foundation – mission statement encourage self efficacy in order to develop academic achievement for all youth by exposing them to educational pursuits, resources and alternatives to achieve a higher education.

Goals 1. Mentor, tutor and equip students with the tools, knowledge and skills to graduate from high school. 2. Increase enrollment in higher education to include: universities, colleges, seminaries, and institutes of technology that award academic degrees or professional certificates. 3. Educate students and parents about resources or alternatives about higher education enrollment criteria, application processes, and financial aid assistance.

Who Do We Serve 1. Youth between the ages 13-19 years old.2. Youth that are academically challenged with economic and social hardships.3. Youth that are willing to set and achieve goals to enhance their educational pursuit. Events/Activities.This foundation will be participating in community service events to include outreach, feeding the homeless, assisting the elderly and motivational speaking engagements.

Lashonia Etheridge-Bey is a 40 year old Washingtonian who was born and raised in S.E., D.C. As a youth she made a series of bad decisions that landed her in prison for a violent crime where she spent half of her life. By age 19 when Lashonia became incarcerated she was a teen mom, a high school dropout and she was unemployed, addicted to marijuana and deeply immersed in a life of crime.

During her 18 years in prison she set out to rehabilitate and reform herself and make atonement to the utmost of her ability. She received her GED, began to pursue a college degree, helped develop and facilitate many classes from Job readiness, Victim Impact, Self Esteem and more.She also facilitated many wellness classes including group boot camp fitness classes. Most importantly she engaged in many therapeutic programs. Lashonia was released on parole on December 13, 2011. She made parole after her initial hearing. Since, she has been home - she has been blessed with a phenomenal support system that has enabled her to obtain full time employment, enroll in college and begin to rebuild her life where she is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Relations from Trinity University. After her release Lashonia participated in a series of residential transitional programs that enabled her to gradually make a seamless adjustment back into society. Lashonia has held several jobs since her release. In April of 2013 she was hired as the Community Service Program Specialist for the Mayor’s Office on Returning Citizens Affairs. Lashonia has had the opportunity to speak at the local CJCC Public Meeting, CSOSA Town Hall Meeting, the Annual Reentry Conference etc... She speaks candidly and articulately about the consequences of youth violence, the effects of incarceration on women and their families and the challenges of reentry and family reunification.

In June of 2013 Lashonia launched a non-profit organization known as The W.I.R.E. (Women Involved in Reentry Efforts). The W.I.R.E. is a network of previously incarcerated women who have joined together to provide social support to women currently incarcerated and women returning from incarceration. The W.I.R.E. has visited several Correctional Institutions for women, held public forums to enlighten the community about gender specific reentry concerns and facilitated several family reunification activities.

Lashonia is passionate about assisting women in prison and women returning from incarceration, but most importantly she is passionate about assisting children who have incarcerated mothers. She believes that the key to reducing recidivism for women is to remove the barriers to family reunification. She also contends that the welfare of children who have mothers in prison is dependent upon the support systems in place to prevent them from being a part of that “cradle to prison” pipeline. Lashonia has two adult children who she left when they were three years old and 10 months old. She is also a grandmother of two granddaughters. Lashonia is the subject of the award winning film Time Zone which chronicles the first year of her reentry process.

"Life as a King" starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Book, Xcons to Icons by

“To teach the un-teachable, reach the un-reachable, and always think before you move” is the core mission of the Big Chair Chess Club, Inc. at the Deanwood Branch located in the nation’s capital. The organization teaches chess to inner-city children and adults, not only as a board game, but also as an application to life skills, such as improving one’s concentration and self-discipline.

Eugene Brown uses chess to teach inner-city children a lesson of life he learned the hard way: "Always Think B4U Move". This has become the mantra for Eugene Brown's philosophy, and a way of life. Brown started playing chess while he was incarcerated in federal prison. Chess was a good distraction from the dreary routine and depressing world around him. Born and raised in Washington, DC, Brown is 68 years old. He attended the inner city, District of Columbia Public Schools where he was diagnosed as requiring social adjustment classes. His anti-social behavioral lead to early brushes with Juvenile Justice Law Enforcement, resulting in early incarceration at correctional youth institutions as a teen, and prison times as an adult.

Today, Brown, the Founder and CEO of The Big Chair Chess Club is a father, grandfather, a real estate investor, and mentor to D.C. youths who stop by The Deanwood “Chess House”, located at 4322 Sheriff Road, NE, in effort to avoid the "Big House" later in life. Eugene Brown believes that having 6 and 7 year olds learn to play chess as one way to set them on the right course. The Big Chair Chess Club, Inc. was founded for the sole purpose of reaching the un-reachable, and teaching the un-teachable. Instilling the motto "Always Think B4U Move" is the core mission of The Big Chair Chess Club, Inc. at the Deanwood Branch located in the Nation’s Capital. The Organization teaches chess to inner-city children and adults not just as a board game, but also as an application to life skills, such as improving one's concentration and self-discipline. Members of The Big Chair Chess Club, team in the mid 1900’s has competed in the National Scholastic Tournament in Nashville, TN and Charlotte, NC as well as the Super National Tournament in Kansas City, MI winning countless trophies. The Big Chair Chess Club, Inc., has trained elementary school students at several schools, including the Kimball Elementary School where they trained and coached the students through five (5) years of city championships. The Big Chair Chess Club, Inc., is a non-profit 501 © (3) IRS organization. A community activist, Mr. Brown is planning to extend and expand services provided by the organization to include job training and placement, computer literacy skills, life skills, and after school tutoring. He is presently involved with developing and implementing re-entry programs for youths and adults who are preparing for release from prison. Mr. Brown is the subject of the new movie starring Cuba Gooding Jr. entitled, “Life of a King” based on his life. He has appeared on ABC, Up Close, and appeared on radio and other local television programs.

Marco Price-Bey is the founder and CEO of Fresh Start Barbering Academy. Fresh Start is a community-based program that teaches Life Skills and the fundamental principles of Barbering.

Marco Price-Bey received his apprenticeship Barbering license in 1993. Four years later he received his Master Barber’s license. He decided to become a Barbering Instructor and in 2009 he received his Barber Instructor’s license form UDC. Price-Bey became a Barber Instructor at Bennett Career Institute where he was able to teach over 50 students the Barbering trade and personal development skills. At UDC Price-Bey became an Adjunct Professor of Barbering.

In addition to teaching the barbering trade Marco Price-Bey worked diligently as a philanthropist in the D.C. community launching a program known as, “Cutting Up in the Community”. Through “Cutting Up in the Community” Price-Bey cuts hair for the less fortunate members of the community who are underserved as a result of a physical condition, or various life circumstances.

Marco Price-Bey has opened his own barber shop and continues to work as a contracted Barbering Instructor for programs like New Beginnings (a youth detention center) in Laurel, MD and Woodland Terrace Community Center located in one of the most economically depressed sections of S.E. Washington, D.C. Marco Price-Bey has mentored countless young men and women sharing vital life skills to aid in self-improvement and social transformation. He regularly speaks to young people sharing his personal experiences and giving sound advice about how to change negative and self-defeating thought patterns that lead to destructive behavior and become empowered by positive thinking, goal attainment and self-development. Marco Price-Bey is presently launching the “Think Before You Move/Ment” which will entail a series of sessions that culminate into a workshop that involves lectures, reading, writing and speaking about personal experiences interactive activities. The “Think Before You Move/Ment” workshop will entail information sharing around topics such as: Self Management and Communications Skills, Communication Communication, Character Building, SMART Goal Setting and Leadership Training.

Urban Digital Media Group
The modern day entertainment industry is vastly being taken over by online entertainment ventures making Hollywood vastly an irrelevant aspect of the modern entertainment industry, this is what entertainment pioneers Urban Digital Media are in the process of doing. During the 2008 Presidential elections, a couple Grad School Students founded Urban Digital Media; they felt as if there were no credible news front catered towards the hip-hop community.This resulted in the development of Urban Digital Media in 2011 as an attempt to develop a stronger relationship within the hip-hop community with the launch of the new blog site

Urban Digital Media (UDM) is more than a blog orientated around urban and hip-hop elements of culture and lifestyle; it is also a multi faceted self-produced production collective, and content development firm. UDM has also developed an independent record label branch in a effort to give independent artists the opportunity to be signed to a label that will aid in the distribution and promotion of their material. UDM is always looking to evolve into new aspects of their business such as their next phase currently in development, UDM Films. UDM Films will be a showcase of new & upcoming directors and videographers dedicated to the development of new video medium. UDM Publishing, UDM Social, and more..

Urban Digital Media are the ones to watch as they evolve and develop various ventures that will change the way business is currently carried out within a variety of industry's, by highlighting the smaller independent businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and entertainers of our time.

Lost Tribe Music/Spoken Word Artist
Dominic Weeks
, known as Red Baron, is the lyricist in the group Lost Tribe. He coined the name after the 'Red Baron' of World War II- one of the most fearless & tactical fighter jet pilots in history. Many of his friends noted he shared similar characteristics in pursuit of his hopes and dreams. Dominic embodies the motto "Pray.Expect.Grind" (P.E.G.) noting that prayer with expectations & hard work results in success.

The "Evolution 1.5" is the newest album release where he shows off his profound lyrical abilities. Going from high paced ballads such as 'Bend N Shake' to relaxed pieces like 'Highway Music,' Red Baron continues to show how he is one of the best up and coming MCs. Red Baron owes much his success to two important people in his life- His best friends. Andrew "DJ Aleon" Anderson and Samuel "Willie Haze" Ohai. Both have been and continue to be inspirations to his style and his music.

Andrew Anderson, known as D.J. A.LE.oN (ay-lee-awn), is the producer of the group Lost Tribe. "A.LE.oN" is a play on words combining his first and middle names (Andrew Leon). Music has always been a passion of his, even from a young age, and it has been this passion that has helped him shape and develop Lost Tribe's sound. Be it a sample or original composition, each song you hear on any of Lost Tribes albums has been produced by A.LE.oN. He strives to make beats that are both diverse and creative, giving Lost Tribe their own unique sound. Being different is his thing. A.LE.oN is real proud of the work that Tribe has put out and is excited to get back to the "beat lab" to bring you more hits! Of course D.J. A.LE.oN is nothing without the raps and lyrics that give his music a platform and continue to shine on each and every track. Much love to his brothers, Dominic "Red Baron" Weeks & Samuel "Willie Haze" Ohai.

Ritchie Marlboro Stables has been a pillar in the community for many, many years, sitting on approximately 64 acres of trail and campgrounds - for your horseback pleasure. We have recently partnered with PAAVE Inc. to assist in our business management efforts, while staying fresh and up to date with Tourism and Attraction in the Region. Our commitment toward engaging youth, teens and whole communities as a multicultural discovery adventure. Where we pride ourselves on providing unique tourism and attractive experiences - offering exclusive horseback lessons, private parties, camping, family reunions, youth and teen programs, entertainment, games and much more in/outdoor activities.

Phoenix Unlimited, Event and Entertainment Management
is a privately held and owned corporation headquartered in Temple Hills, MD. Phoenix was formed in 1996 as a meetings registration and database management company, providing services to small businesses seeking to outsource their registration and database management services. Phoenix has evolved into a full-fledged professional and technical services firm offering a full gamut of conference and event management solutions within a comprehensive suite of Information Technology services and solutions. Our team is composed of Certified Meeting Planners, experts in Registration Management and Certified Technology Engineers, with a combined total of over 100 years of experience in the technology industry. Our primary focus is to be a one-stop-shop to fulfill your direct needs through Meeting, Event Planning and Information Management Systems approach. Phoenix's nonprofit arm First Fruit Network's mission is to empower disadvantage communities and individuals to become economically & socially sound by implementing training and educational development programs, workshops, seminars and other forums for information exchange and services for heightened community development.

Lamont Carney Enterprises
Dreams… Everyone has the right to dream, but not everyone has the means to make their dreams come true. At LaCarey Enterprises, we are in the business of helping people identify, refine and achieve their goals and ultimately their dreams. Working with people, helping them to set and achieve goals, requires a dynamic amount fortitude which allows them to overcome obstacles, remove roadblocks and in process grow beyond their perceived limitations. No one is successful without the assistance of others. LaCarey Enterprises specializes in connecting people and organizations with opportunity to achieve their dreams. If you need proof, just ask the authors and attendees from our Ward 8 Book Festival "The HOTSPOT," in Southeast Washington, DC. This event was the first of its kind in Ward 8, creating a new opportunities for both new and established authors from the DMV and as far away as Pennsylvania and New York, to showcase their work to a new demographic of prospective buyers. Music: Album Notes IMAGINE allows listeners to view the world through an urban youth eyes. It delves into the hopes, fears and determinations of a child wanting to escape the horrors of his environment. The CD takes you on a journey through a child's cream stained apartment walls to the hallways soaked in urine that he desperately wants to escape on tracks such as "I Hate This Place." It also sits the listeners in the front seat of a car whose windows are so tinted that you can feel the heartbeats of the two teens inside who are struggling with a decision that will change their lives forever, on tracks like "Go Home.” He walks you into classrooms where a basketball skill supersedes education, on tracks such as "I Can't Read," to tracks that show the horror of a woman trapped in a domestic violence relationship because "She Says She Loves Me.” Then there is "Confidence”; this track exposes a man's insecurities and the harsh views from the world as he faces and overcomes those opinions to become radiant and self loving. This award winning CD has made Lamont Carey an international name. He has appeared on such hit shows as "Def Poetry Jam,” B.E.T's "Lyric Café,” which opened doors for him to make appearances on HBO's "The Wire.” This CD has opened so many minds and touched so many souls that it has been newly re-released with music at the request of radio stations. More important, Lamont Carey loves the fact that audiences have said that it reflects stories from their lives. Take this journey with him. Experience the power of words from an electrifying performer. IMAGINE

The African American Music Association, Inc. (AAMA) was established to preserve, protect, promote and to foster the continued development of African American music and the legacy of those who compose, record and perform the music. The AAMA is a tax-exempt, 501(c) (3) entity. It is organized exclusively for charitable, cultural and educational purposes. Its primary goal is to offer programs and activities to the community that will assure a better quality of life for persons pursuing performing arts as a career or avocation. The “total well-being” of the artist, through human and personal development is the overall goal.The AAMA was established as a non-profit organization in 1992. It was an off-shoot of a community organization effort by a small group of persons who worked as an ad-hoc committee to sponsor and coordinate two major functions: The annual Marvin Gaye Day Celebration in the District of Columbia and the Marvin P. Gaye, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund.The scholarship fund was initially set up at Cardozo High School, where Gaye, a DC native, attended before becoming a world-renowned recording artist. In later years the scholarship was made available to high school seniors throughout the DC public school system. In conjunction with producing these and other projects, the AAMA made it possible for many local performing artists to display their talents through concerts, street festivals, talent shows, and various other kinds of community-based cultural arts activities.

The AAMA produces and facilitates the following projects in the District of Columbia:

  • The Annual Marvin Gay Day Celebration – This event consists of a proclamation by the Mayor of Washington, resolution acknowledgement by the DC City Council, the awarding of an Outstanding Community Service Award, and a music concert by national and local performing artists.
  • Annual Community Heath Awareness Day – This event is an all-day activity that is in partnership with the Ft. Chaplin Park Apartments, Chartered Health Plan and Health for Life, and Planned Parenthood, to provide health screenings, wellness information, and a host fun activities for the entire family. Corporate Neighborhood Youth Project – Teaches young people the business of the music industry and the total well-being of life and the community in which they live.
  • “Save the Children” Music Festival – This project serves as an activity which allows performing artists of all ages to come together for the purpose of offering their talents to promote the effort of saving our children from abuse, neglect and street violence.
  • Business of the Arts Workshop – This activity brings music professionals and other professionals together to serve as panelists in an educational and informational workshop setting.
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