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Social channel Saving America offers an empowerment platform for Americans

The service has created the SA coin, a new digital currency designed to reward members for their contribution. The more we contribute to each other through the Saving America platform, the more SA coins are generated.

Today the ability to connect, engage and have a dialogue on a social media platform is unprecedented thanks to the blazing technology. In spite of all of the millions of users active on social networks the topic of politics polarizes the dialogue that results in an unfruitful exchange. Saving America is a new social media site that launched Tuesday as a digital town hall and as a non-partisan service that facilitates Americans to engage in intelligent discussions about issues that matter the most.

Saving America is not a place for creating the next best tech company, it is not a place for marketers to target consumers, and it is not just some other social media company. It is a place, perhaps the ideal spot or a middle platform that offers a comprehensive opportunity to find better answers through a productive intellectual exchange.

“We want to make it attractive for people to speak up, to give ideas, to realize actually what we all want is the same thing. Everybody does not want to see their home values decrease, everybody wants to see a robust economy, everybody wants to go to bed with a roof over their head, everybody wants to be in the same place,” said Saving America Chief Community Officer (CCO) Eric Yaverbaum. “Everything that has been great about this country and no matter what is going on in the world or in the economy today, there’s a lot of smart people who would get in the same room and come up with smarter ideas.”

He went on to emphasize that he strongly believes that a good intellectual friction can come up with better ideas as opposed to what Washington D.C is doing nowadays. It was echoed throughout the telephone interview that in the United States of America there is a majority party made up Americans who are looking for better answers to solve current issues or problems. Furthemore, he repeatedly stressed the need to vote.

An important enhancement or feature of the site is the use of a cryptocurrency. According to Eric, creating the currency was a very difficult process that caused delays, and had attorneys involved for the final product. The ultimate goal of it was to give folks an incentive to participate, provide an opinion (good, bad, smart, etc.) and reward them for being participatory.

Signing up on the website is a fairly simple process. You can use an existing Facebook or Google account. Otherwise you fill in your email, full name and password.

The website’s layout is self-explanatory with an intuitive interface and robust structure. Practically any sort of activity that is generated turns into money earned.

It is a fresh new perspective the website brings for Americans into the social networking sphere. With all of the news surrounding the leaks by Edward Snowden and the spying by the National Security Agency (NSA) has unleashed sort of a spiral of silence effect on social media discussions. Users have become more cautious and weary about the level of intrusion the federal agency is able to collect.

As the site grows it will become available on other platforms in the future. There is no Democratic Party or Republican Party, but just a majority party. Everybody is invited to participate. One premise of the site is to initiate a healthy debate on the Electoral College and down the road attempt to influence the next presidential election.

“This site will change history. We are entering a cycle and we did not launch it for that reason. We are entering an election cycle, and I am not saying will influence midterm elections one way or the other but will have enough traction within two years to influence who gets into the white house. If we can do that because enough people participated we change our future in a way that the majority wanted to change it in a healthy way where intellectual debate was encouraged,” concluded Yaverbaum.

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