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Social aspects of Xbox One & PS4 excite 'Rayman Legends' developers

Ready for more Rayman Legends?
Ready for more Rayman Legends?

When it comes down to the Xbox One and PS4, the social aspects of the two systems are some of the most intriguing features consumers and developers are most excited about. How exactly will they ultimately influence the creation of a game and its features?

Recently, had the chance to speak with Rayman Legends' lead game designer Emile Morel about the type of experience he and the rest of his team at Ubisoft had when it came to working on the PS4 and Xbox One.

"Working on these next-gen versions of Rayman Legends was a great experience for the whole team. Our engineers familiarized themselves with these 2 new systems and are now quite aware of the specificities of these new consoles.

"From a design point of view, we’ve been able to examine the new possibilities offered by these consoles and saw the new doors they could open for future titles. We really like the social features that are at the core of these new consoles, especially the fact that you can easily share screenshots and videos from you gaming session.

"For me this is really giving a way to players to express themselves through their games and to always share their experiences with their friends and with the community. We’ll have to wait to see what games these consoles will offer us in a few years, but this social aspect could really bring new and exciting ways to play video games," Morel said.

This is a sentiment we have consistently heard from developers around the entire industry, and its something we hopefully will begin to see in games this year. Always talking about what could be and what may be is one thing, but ultimately bringing a innnovating vision to life is another thing.

Rayman Legends will have some intriguing features for Xbox One and PS4 users, and the game will race into retailers this coming Feb. 18th.

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