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2014 Winter Olympics

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Sochi update: More toilet weirdness, dog killings and unfinished hotels

In the final days leading up to the 2014 Winter Olympics Sochi Games, more odd news is emerging that's leaving some scratching their heads in wonder and even anger. The Sochi Games begin on Feb. 7, but news that journalists face no place to stay is leaking to the press in light that six of the nine Olympic hotels remained unfinished as of Sunday.

There's more odd toilet news eminating from the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games with a sign that among other things, bans fishing in toilets. Toutant/Twitter/Getty

And more toilet weirdness is making headlines, from another tandem toilet find to a tweeted pic of graphics that ban among other things, fishing in Sochi toilets. On a more serious note, Russian officials are still under fire for reports of mass killings of stray dogs ahead of the games, according to the National Post on Feb. 2.

Approximately 11,000 accredited media personnel are expected to descend on Sochi's nine designated hotels in the surrounding mountains. Six were still incomplete as of Sunday.

But International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach claims all "issues" should be "resolved" ahead of opening ceremonies Friday.

Twin toilets discovered in one stall in Sochi Olympic venue.

As for the dog hunting reports, the owner of a private company hired to round up and kill the dogs claims he was providing a public service.

Alexei Sorokin told ABC News that he believes people have the right to walk the streets of Sochi without fear of being attacked by a wild pack of dogs.

"Imagine, if during an Olympic games, a ski jumper landed at 130 kilometres an hour and a dog runs into him when he lands. It would be deadly for both a jumper and for the stray dog," Sorokin said.

Did he really just say that? Sorokin declined to confirm exactly how many dogs his company has killed thus far.

Onto more toilet tales from the Russian resort. Following reports last month of the discovery of twin toilets in the men's bathroom at the biathlon venue, come fresh sightings of more doubles.

Gassy cows ignite explosion, blow roof off barn.

A second set of twin toilets in the same stall were discovered in Sochi's main media center over the weekend, sparking more curiosity about the strange bathroom setup.

At least it's being reported that this pair has separate toilet paper dispensers. Meanwhile, also over this past weekend, a Canadian snowboarder posted a bizarre photo of a placard laying out Sochi public bathroom rules.

Sebastien Toutant tweeted the bathroom pic that's going viral in which among other things, fishing is banned in Sochi toilets! That's right, no rod and reel in the restroom, according to a story in the Daily News.

There's also no standing to pee and no vomiting, while others debate what the other two no-nos appear to be.

One looks to be either no blimps allowed or no shooting up, but feel free to leave your interpretations below.

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