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2014 Winter Olympics

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Sochi Opening Ceremony glitch: Glitzes and glitches mark Sochi Opening Ceremony
A glitch during Sochi's Opening Ceremony caused one of the Olympic Rings to malfunction.

Spoiler alert: Sochi’s Opening Ceremony kicked off this morning at 11:00 am Russian time, and will be broadcast tonight on NBC at 8:00 pm EST. According to Yahoo! Sports Canada today, the elaborate ceremony began “so spectacularly, with a young child being lifted into the air amid nine gargantuan floating ships. But it didn't take long for something to go wrong.”

One of the major components of the games’ complex opening celebration, outside of the official lighting of the Olympic torch, is the appearance of the five-ringed, colored symbol of the Olympic Games – meant to symbolize the colors of all the flags representing the countries participating in the games.

At the end of the ceremony, five giant illuminated snowflakes appeared suspended inside the 40,000-capacity Fisht Olympic Stadium, and each one morphed into the official Olympic Ring. All except one obstinate snowflake, leaving us with only four rings and scratching our heads.

To be sure, the rest of the ceremony – featuring ballet dancers, stirring music and huge mechanical props – brilliantly traced the host nation Russia’s history for a breathtaking two-hour ceremony.

The 2014 Winter Games carried a price tag of a record $50 billion. For that amount of cash, one would think they could get their snowflake to unfurl.

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