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Sochi opening ceremony glitch creates new look to Olympic rings as only 4 light

Sochi's opening ceremony glitch occurred when only four of the Olympic rings lit up, as the fifth one remained in darkness and unseen. As the opening events progressed the spectacular venue soon had folks forgetting all about the one Olympic ring that wouldn't illuminate. They were too busy being awestruck about what Sochi had in store for the rest of the opening ceremony.

Sochi opening ceremony glitch, only four Olympic rings lit up.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

According to MSN News on Feb. 7, this early glitch was an isolated incident and the festivities that followed surely made up for any unlighted ring.

Stray dogs in Sochi: Mad dash is on to save dogs before killed off with 'poison'

The complaints coming out of Sochi's Olympic village have been plentiful, from double toilets in one stall to dirty water. Not to mention they've run out of pillows and stray dogs are starting a world-wide controversy over Russia's dog population control techniques. These are just a few of the complaints hovering online today.

Possibly the biggest reveal, which may leave some of the visitors staying in Sochi mortified, was the slip made by an official suggesting that the bathroom showers are seen on surveillance cameras. Check out that story below:

Problems in Sochi include cameras in hotel showers: Mortifying slip by official

There was nothing that could be done at the opening ceremonies to get that ring lit apparently, so the venue quickly moved along under the backdrop of four Olympic rings. For most all accounts, Russia did it up big time!

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