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Sochi Opening Ceremonies where's the rest of the story?

Colors of Russia
Colors of Russia
Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images

San Francisco, CA ... Like many people I watched the Opening Ceremonies with anticipation, wondering if Russia could give us an extravaganza like we've never seen before. I have to admit I thought it was pretty cool, the dancers where excellent, the technology was awe inspiring and the setting was dramatic. But I wonder why a country that has had so much history whether good or bad didn't even bring up some of the most dramatic times in their history? Overall though except for the tiny glitch in the beginning with the snow flakes becoming the Olympic Rings it seemed to be right on point. Quite the spectical and something that the Russian people can be proud of. Considering a political figure spearheaded the movement to get the Olympics into Sochi and Russia it was a very artistic event. The technology alone on the floor, walls and ceiling was something that future shows should utilize. I like many of you loved the lit up sports figures especially in the spectical showing them in all their glory.

If the idea was to make Sochi a destination for travel then I think this show hit the nail on the head and showed a beautiful and picturesque side of a Russian Seaside town.

Hats off to Russia...