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2014 Winter Olympics

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Sochi Olympics women’s hockey: Gold medal game has special puck (photo)

Sochi Olympics women’s hockey puck
Sochi Olympics women’s hockey puck

Olympic women’s hockey will be awarding some gold in Sochi on Thursday. The two playing for the gold American and Canada. This isn't the first time the two teams have met at the Olympics and it’s always a battle on the ice. According to NBC Olympics on Thursday, it seems that Canada is a big favorite over the U.S. in Thursday’s women’s hockey gold medal game.

When the puck drops on Thursday, the fans might not see it immediately on their television screens as it moves so fast in the games, but there is a special puck for the game. Offering up glimpse at this puck before it hits the ice, it appears to be regulation and it’s dark in color. On one side there is a special design. With a familiar look it is a similar design to the gold medals which are given out to athletes who win.

While Americans are seriously cheering on Team USA, there is no reason to believe the Canadians are poised to take home the gold medal. Americans have been waiting for this rematch and are looking to win big. Offering up some new strategies for the game, it appears the team has been focused on bringing the gold home.

So who will when the Olympic women’s hockey game and take home the gold medal? Our money is on Team USA. After all the preparations for this moment it would be great to see them win!