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Sochi Olympics Terror Threat

Security Looking For Possible Tooth Paste Bomb
Security Looking For Possible Tooth Paste Bomb

The United States continues to warn Russian officials of possible explosive materials being stored in toothpaste or other creams. The materials could be used during flights or smuggled into Sochi. There is confidence among officials that the Olympics will be safe but the increased chatter of a possible attack is a worry. The ongoing worry with this new concern is as expected centered around the southern Russia's Caucasus region.

U.S. officials are also concerned that al- Qaeda linked groups may want to take advantage of the situation and get the attention. The toothpaste explosive threat is mostly focused on flights originating from Europe and neighboring Asian countries - in part because the United States has less intelligence sharing with these countries.

The United States is continuing to assess the scope and credibility of this threat. Law enforcement sources say there is no known threat against the U.S. homeland. Out of an abundance of caution, the Department of Homeland Security routinely shares this information with domestic and international airlines. According to a Russian news agency, Russia has banned liquids from carry on baggage which will prompt U.S. authorities to clamp down on toothpaste and cosmetics.

There are a number of threats of varying degrees that U.S. officials are tracking and are also working with Russian officials.

In other related news, U.S. Olympic athletes are being warned not to wear their Olympic outfits outside of the games while in Russia. Area hotels are being advised to be on the look out for possible known terrorists and Dagestan militants (black widows) are also a real concern for authorities in Russia.

A recent CNN poll suggests that 57% of Americans believe a terror attack is likely.

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