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2014 Winter Olympics

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Sochi Olympics Scene: Stray dogs strut their stuff

Several dogs still roam the Sochi Olympics still looking for homes.
Olympic Proportions

SOCHI, Russia: Slopestyle ski silver medalist Gus Kenworthy’s plans to adopt several stray dogs have many Sochi Olympics visitors looking at these wanderers in a fonder light.

With only their next bite to worry about, several stray dogs strutted around, and even within the secured Olympic Park.

These mixed breeds of all sizes and shapes are the true survivors - having avoided being killed or hauled away to shelters. They often “escorted” spectators to and from the Olympic Park, seemingly serving as volunteer guides.

Ever-hopeful for a snack (and most any would suffice), these friendly mutts enjoyed the attention. Whether mugging for the camera or eagerly awaiting a friendly pet, these adventures owned the town, and even the massive Olympics Park.

How they got into this mammoth park, which only can be entered after being channeled through tight security, is anyone’s guess. Many gravitated to the “Coastal Cluster” area, the heart of activity, where the five sports venues and Olympics cauldron are located.

Dogs seemed to enjoy the prospect of being fed by any of the tens of thousands of fans, who could share any number of international treats, as offered by numerous food courts.

Quite possibly these could be adopted too, and carried out in any of the oversized souvenir bags spectators were toting around.

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