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Sochi Olympics results: Did Shaun White earn gold again in the men's halfpipe?

Did Shaun White earn gold at the Sochi Olympics?
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

The Sochi Olympics results are in for the men's halfpipe, and the results are going to be a stunner for many fans. Shaun White was aiming to earn his third consecutive Olympic gold in the event, but it may not have gone quite as he'd hoped. Fox Sports shared the scoop on Feb. 11.

Shaun White, dubbed “The Flying Tomato,” would have been the first American male to earn gold in three Olympics in a row in the same event. Many thought he was practically a slam-dunk to earn the title, but when push came to shove it didn't pan out that way.

The men's halfpipe took place Tuesday at the Sochi Olympics, and Shaun White finished in fourth place. Iouri Podladtchikov from Switzerland won the gold, while Ayumu Hirano from Japan took the siilver. The bronze went to Taku Hiraoka, also from Japan.

Fans still love Shaun White, regardless of his missing out on the Sochi Olympics gold medal in men's halfpipe Tuesday. It's clear, also, that Shaun loves his fans. The day before the competition he uploaded a video to YouTube thanking fans for their support.

While White is surely disappointed in his medal miss, he's most certainly given fans plenty of reasons to be proud over the years. It's a disappointment he didn't get that gold, but he's still top-notch in the book of many long-time Shaun White fans.

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