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Sochi Olympics flame extinguished as competition comes to a close (photos)

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The Sochi Olympics come to a close in Russia. After the Olympic flame was extinguished, the sky lit up as the athletes of the world celebrated the conclusion of the 2014 Winter Games. The opportunity for the world to see the moment could be seen from far away as the fireworks were blown from the Fisht Olympic Stadium. The colors of fireworks were a spectacle in the sky as the moment was a celebration of Sochi’s success. According to the Wall Street Journal, the 1980 Olympics were also honored during the final minutes of the program.

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Before the fireworks, the traditional Olympic flame was extinguished by one of the Sochi mascots. In what was a very emotional ending, the mascot blew out the Olympic flame. Fans got to see Misha, the 1980 bear, as it appeared briefly on the screen when the Sochi Bear paused before blowing out a cauldron of flame inside Fisht Stadium. Basically at the same time, the Olympic flame outside was extinguished, and in nod to Misha, one tear falls gently down the Sochi bear mascot's cheek.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of the ending of the Sochi Olympics. With all the fireworks in the sky it was a splendid ending to the conclusion of the 2014 Olympics. The athletes all go home as honored guests of the world and everyone felt pretty good after seeing such a beautiful ending.