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Sochi Olympics end as Pyeongchang introduced in ‘A Journey together’ (photos)

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The official Olympic flag was passed from Russia to South Korea on Sunday and the Sochi Olympics came to a close. Before the fans left the Olympic Stadium, the world got to watch an introduction to what was to come at the 2018 Olympics. In a segment called A Journey Together, the fans were able to see all the excitement the new host country had for the upcoming Winter Games. According to NPR on Sunday, the Winners and losers in the international competition now will have to look east to South Korea for the next Olympic Games in 2018.

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Offering A Journey Together, the Koreans offered a look at the sights and sounds of what to come in four years. With the chance to share some cultural moments and deliver some stunning images, there was plenty of great moments in the program.

While the flame of the Sochi Olympics was extinguished, the chance to see what is in store with the 2018 Olympics has fans very excited. What is to come is going to be exciting as there are athletes who are going to surprise in the 2018 Olympics.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of the Korean introduction to the 2018 Olympics and moments leading up to the end of the Sochi Olympics.