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2014 Winter Olympics

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Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony by the numbers; 3,000 children performing

Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony by the numbers
Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

The Olympics Closing Ceremony is always a spectacular pageantry of culture and a celebration of the athletes that participated in the games. On Sunday morning when the world once again turns their eyes to Sochi, it will be splendid. According to Yahoo Sports on Sunday, even America can tune in live to watch the performances and say goodbye to the Olympics. Thanks to NBC there will be a live stream for all of America to watch.

So how complex will the Olympics Closing Ceremony be? Well, we thought you would never ask! After some research, a few phone calls and a bunch of quick learned Russian phrases, we found some interesting numbers for this big production.

There was 10,000 costumes made for the Olympics Closing Ceremony. Along with the fashion there needs to be hair and makeup done on 5,000 people so they look good and can perform in front of the masses.

The show has almost has almost 5,000 total performers. Out of all those folks there 3,000 local children who are participating. To get everyone’s position perfectly there were 200 instructors that helped train the folks.

When it comes to putting a production like the Olympic Closing Ceremony together, it takes time. In Fact the volunteers started rehearsing the program 90 days ago. And it’s been seen at least twice by President Vladimir Putin.

So how much will the Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony cost? The show’s bill will be roughly 2.5 times more than what the London Olympics Closing Ceremony's budget.

Enjoy the Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony everyone! The world gets to revisit the culture of Russia and embrace the idea of South Korea for the 2018 Olympics.

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