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Sochi Olympics as a platform for special needs

With all the social controversy with the Russian Olympics, you would not expect Sochi Olympics as a platform for special needs awareness, but gold medalist Alex Bilodeau in the midst of his triumphant repeat gold medal performance put his brother Frederic front and center. The lessons the Bilodeau family teach transcend the accomplishments of their son.

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Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Frederic Bilodeau struggles with the challenges of cerebral palsy, which inspires his brother to train harder but Frederic insists that it his brother Alex who inspires him. Frederic explained that watching his brother do a double full jump, he realized life has no limits. Frederic's determination and discipline to go forward, inspires Alex to continue to work and train hard.

Serge and Sylvie Bilodeau, their parents were not going to have more children after Frederic was born and they committed themselves to helping Frederic achieve a meaningful life. One Christmas, Frederic requested a brother and about a year later the brother Alex was born and six years after that Beatrice, who is also a champion skier, was born. The family continues fostering the personal best of all.

The Bilodeaus are a family that faced the challenges of a child with special needs, yet managed to foster excellence and achievement for all. Most of all, the love and respect among the siblings is something to admire.

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