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Sochi Olympics affected by the violence between Russia and the Ukraine

The Sochi Olympics is being affected by the violent outbreaks in the Ukraine.
The Sochi Olympics is being affected by the violent outbreaks in the Ukraine.

The violence in the Ukraine is having a negative effect on the 2014 Sochi Olympics. The Ukrainian skier, Bogdana Matsotska, announced that she will not be competing due to the violence in her country. She told the Associated Press that she does not want to participate in the Sochi Olympics while people in her country are dying.

Bogdana Matsotska originally planned on joining protesters in a camp called Maidan in Kiev’s Independence Square but unfortunately she is unable to snag a flight home. Many other athletes have the same thought process as Bogdana Matsotska and do not wish to compete in the Sochi Olympics. Unfortunately they are being forced to stay in Sochi until flights open up to go home.

The violence affecting Bogdana Matsotska in the Sochi Olympics began in November when Yanykovych and the Ukrainian government declined a deal with the European Union. The reason behind turning down the deal was so Russia could have closer relations with them. Throughout the months that followed, protests across the country were being fueled by anti-protest legislation and deep-seated tension which had slowly grown under the surface.

One of the most recent violent outbursts happened this past Tuesday when the antigovernment activists decided to advance to a government-controlled area. The activists were battling riot police officers with Molotov cocktails and stones making it one of the worst clashes in a month.

There is still hope that the violence issues will be resolved and athletes will decide to compete in the Sochi Olympics after all. Solutions to the violent outbursts have not yet been reported but the public is hoping it won’t affect the Olympic Games as much as anticipated. The only thing left for Bogdana Matsotska and the other athletes to do is wait it out.




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