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2014 Winter Olympics

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Sochi Olympics 2014: McDonald’s wants fans to send messages to Team USA athletes

The fans of the 2014 Sochi Olympics might not make to Russia to support Team USA, but their voices will be heard. The restaurant chain McDonalds revealed a very cool social media program where the voices of the fans can be seen by the athletes. According to The Drum on Tuesday, the campaign will have the message of the fans seen in the Athletes' Village in Sochi.

Sound impossible? It’s actually quite cool thanks to the latest technology. Once a fan makes a special message online to the athletes and teams, technology takes over to deliver the message. All the way around the world in Sochi the athletes can get the messages during their off time and share in the delight of supporting Team USA. Messages can be sent before and after the sporting events making the opportunity quite personalized.

While it might sounds great that the messages can be read, the company has offered another cool element to the project by allowing the athletes to print messages onto ribbons to wear around their wrists. The inspiration that they receive from the fans can be close to them at all times and it’s possible to even change out the messages as they see fit!

Sending good luck messages to athletes in Sochi have never been so easy.

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