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Sochi Olympic Rewind

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Success of the Canadian Men’s hockey team a boom to local restaurants

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It is Friday, and it is lunchtime. The semi-final game between Team Canada and The United States is just under way.

Cunningham’s Pub, in Ste-Anne-De-Bellevue, has people waiting at the door, as 100 people are glued to the five television screens around the restaurant.

Dozens of fans displayed their pride with flags, jerseys, hats, and shirts, offering up a sea of red and white.

The passion for the team is heard, from the get-go, with every roar on opportunities gained and missed.

The crowd grew louder, as the third period was winding down. The ten second countdown made in unison in ending the game, was the exclamation point as fans strolled back to work a little after 2pm.

Le Club West Island in Beaconsfield opened an hour early Sunday morning for the Gold medal game against Sweden.

A hundred plus fans crammed the restaurant area for the 7am start time. Waves of people decked out in Team Canada colors were the backdrop, watching the game, from the dozen television sets around the bar.

Club, and family owners, Mark Kaneb, Julie Noel, and Jessika Kaneb, were pressed into service to keep up with the flow of its customers.

Fans began celebrating with a three goal lead, with eight minutes left in the game.

The final siren punctuated the Gold medal, as fans stood, impromptu, and sang O Canada.

The weekend was a great success to local establishments, as nobody can deny the passion that Canadians have for hockey.