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Sochi Olympic games begin safely despite security concerns

Previews of the Sochi Olympic games
Previews of the Sochi Olympic games
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

As the Sochi Olympic games began on Thursday, viewers around the world are relieved as there have been concerns about the safety of the Olympic athletes who are participating in the games.

While there have been concerns that there would be some sort of terrorist attack, the day reportedly ran smoothly and without any noticeable issues.

The Olympians are set to hold the official opening ceremony of the Sochi games on Friday according to CNN. Millions will watch this year's winter Olympics as athletes compete in perhaps the world's most prestigious sporting event.

With thousands of Russian police officers in attendance the winter games will most likely continue to run smoothly without any real disturbance, despite threats from Russian groups who claim they will attempt to interrupt the games.

U.S. authorities continue to work with Russia to ensure that the games continue without any dangerous threats or conflicts.

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