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Sochi officials deny reports of stray dogs being poisoned and killed

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Stray dogs being poisoned and killed are not the images Russian President Vladimir Putin wants portrayed as the Sochi Winter Olympics begin this week, and on Tuesday, Aleksandra Kosterina, the spokesperson for the Games, responded to the reports stating the stray dogs have been sent to shelters reported The Los Angeles Times.

Late last week, Alexel Sorokin, the owner of a private company allegedly hired to exterminate thousands of stray dogs along the Black Sea resort area, called the stray dogs dangerous to the guests and to the participants.

As Sorokin labeled the dogs, "biological trash" because many of the dogs had been born on the streets after having been abandoned by their previous irresponsible owners, humane activists launched campaigns to help rescue as many of the dogs possible hoping to find the dogs needed medical care and foster or adoptive homes.

Last year, plans to cull the stray dogs on the Russian streets were stopped as the news hit social media.

Kosterina claims the dogs are being "relocated" and stated:

"There is a service that catches the dogs and the city authorities handle this. The city has a special shelter for them."

Humane activists in the city claim there are fewer and fewer dogs walking around the area, and also report to have seen many dead dogs lying in the streets in the late night and very early morning hours. Thousands of dogs are said to have disappeared.

Instead of killing the dogs, who in the past have been pets and guard dogs, humane supporters want to know why President Putin, who has been known to be an animal lover, doesn't spend the money on spay and neuter programs?

Hasn't President Putin ever heard of Bob Barker?

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