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2014 Winter Olympics

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Sochi mayor weighs in on gays in Russia

The mayor of Sochi, Russia has made his feelings and the overall cultural attitude of those residing in the Black Sea resort city towards active homosexuality known to the world, and for the word's part, the world is largely ignoring his message, as reported by the Reuters new service via Yahoo! News on Jan. 26, 2014.

Sochi mascots.

Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov voiced an attitude that isn't exactly the picture of what the Western media has been painting of the geographically massive Russian Federation after the central government outlawed the public advocating of the "denial of traditional family values to minor children."

Tolerate, but don't accept ...

To the surprize of many, Pakhomov's personal attitude and his portrayal of the overall attitude not only in Sochi, but also the surrounding rural area is what could best be described as directly in line with the vast majority of Christian Faiths.

Echoing essentially word for word what the Russian Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church, and what the handful of the other Branches of Orthodoxy adhere to, the mayor stated:

We just say that it is your business, it's your life.

But it's not accepted here in the Caucasus where we live.

Pakhomov went on to state that homosexuals are certainly welcome at the Olympics, which has the Opening Ceremony scheduled for February 7.

"Our hospitality will be extended to everyone who respects the laws of the Russian Federation and does not impose their habits on others," the mayor also said.

What exactly the law is ...

In actuality, the law isn't "anti-gay" as the Western media has portrayed it, but actually anti-pedophile.

Loosely translated, the official name for the legislation is:

Federal Law of 29.06.2013 № 135-FZ

On Amendments to Article 5 of the Federal Law "On Protection of children from information harmful to their health and development" and some legislative acts of the Russian Federation in order to protect children from information that promotes the denial of traditional family values.

Bias from the Western media ...?

Britain's famed The Guardian has ensured Western civilization is aware that Elton John has condemned Russia's recent jurisprudence as "'vicious' anti-gay legislation."

CNN has told the world that the passage of the new law will force Russia's "gay community into shadows."

The New York Times not only calls the law "discrimination against, and persecution of, L.G.B.T. people" but also turned a singular into a plural with "outrageously repressive, regressive anti-gay laws."

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