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Sochi hunting and killing stray dogs ahead of Olympic games

Stray dogs hunted and killed ahead of the Olympics
Stray dogs hunted and killed ahead of the Olympics
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Stray dogs are ordered killed in Sochi ahead of the Olympic games this week. Hundreds of stray dogs have been living around the vast construction sites of the Olympic village. According to MSN News on Feb 4, the dogs have been ordered killed and a company that specializes in pest control has been hired to do this.

This is a hard nut to swallow for animal lovers, as the dogs that have been living in the area and begging for food are now captured and killed. Many of the dogs have befriended the workman building this village. Russia's government feels a responsibility to its visitors for the Winter Olympics. They do not want these dogs bothering the visitors or wandering into an event. "Their elimination is the quickest way to solve this problem," claims one Russian lawmaker.

Apparently the dogs have been a nuisance and with the games open Friday they want the dogs gone. Sadly other countries do not hold the lives of animals as sacred as people in the U.S. do. The killing of dogs is being reported just as if they are sending an exterminator in to kill cockroaches. If anything like this were to happen in the U.S. there would be uproar.

Yes, dogs are still euthanized in the U.S., but they don't do a mass round-up of animals and then a mass killing. As more no-kill shelters pop up in the U.S. it is evidence that the days of killing perfectly fine and loving dogs are waning. Before a dog is put down in the U.S., usually every attempt has been made to find it a home.

In Russia, Alexi Sorokin, who is the director of the pest control firm called Basya Services, has a contract with the government to round up the stray dogs and kill them. Animal activist Dina Filippova claims that "Russia is just using the Olympics as an excuse to cover up an ongoing practice."

Sotokin said that if a dog ever happened into one of the events, this would be an embarrassment to Russia. How different their mindset is than that of people in America. If a dog wandered into a sporting event, and it has happened, people usually find that cute and endearing.

Filippova said that this is something that Russia does to curve their stray dog population. She said the city has two employees that do nothing but capture and kill dogs to the tune of 300 a month. Visitors were seen cooing over the dogs and petting them, many not aware that the canine they are playing with might meet his death around the next corner as the pest control people are patrolling the area.

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