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2014 Winter Olympics

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Sochi hotel nightmares: Unfinished hotels greet journalists and athletes

It’s the eve of the Olympics, and according to the Business Insider today, officials in Sochi, Russia say that 97 percent of the hotels built for the games are complete. But “complete” evidently means different things to different folks, as mounting photo evidence shared on social media is revealing.

Greg Wyshynski / Twitter
“People have asked me what surprised me the most here in Sochi. It's this. Without question ... it's ... THIS,” writes Greg Wyshynski on Twitter.

The Olympic Village seems to have been completed, but hotels that are booked by the media are in particularly bad shape.

Complaints and images of empty spas and fitness centers with wrapped up, yet to be assembled exercise equipment, unfinished hallways and rooms, lobbies with no desks, bathrooms with no toilets, power outages and disgusting yellow water are all making their rounds via Twitter with the hashtags #Sochi2014 and #Sochi.

A sampling:

To anyone in Sochi: I am now in possession of three light bulbs. Will trade for a door handle. This offer is real. -- @DanWetzel

Aw, man. Check into hotel for #Sochi2014, and all I get is lousy orange peel in the closet. --@MCLTribune

#sochi good news, I have Internet, bad news, it's dangling from the ceiling in my room... -- @Stanleigh77

The best pic thus far has to be the kind reminder left near the commode, pictured above, that advises users not to flush toilet paper down the toilet, evidently out of plumbing concerns. For their convenience, a pail has been placed nearby. Eww.

Check out all of the pics at Yahoo!.

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