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Sochi animal lovers rescue endangered pets in the 2014 Winter Olympics host city

Dog and cat lovers worldwide have become outraged at the news that over 2,000 homeless pets in Russian resort city of Sochi will be killed in the days leading up to the Opening Ceremonies of the 2014 Olympics.

This sad looking pup from the streets of Sochi communicates in the universal language of "sad puppy dog eyes".
This sad looking pup from the streets of Sochi communicates in the universal language of "sad puppy dog eyes".
The first of the puppies born in the Olympic Park has been adopted!  The Russian-language Facebook page SochiRescuedDogs spotlights efforts of the group to save as many of the street pets of Sochi as possible

Concerned citizens in the Sochi area has sprung into action to try and save as many of these hapless pets as possible. One of these groups has documented the conditions on the ground in Sochi and their efforts to help on a Russian-language Facebook page named SochiRescuedDogs

The animal rescue community in the United States will likely find the page very familiar. Animal cruelty, neglect, and overpopulation transcend national boundaries.

A post on February 2 describes (and shows) a litter of puppies found sealed in a box and left for dead. Two of the puppies died, and the other is not doing well. The organization, like rescue groups in the United States, has issued a plea for donations to cover veterinary expenses for the little survivor. There is no whitewashing of the realities in Sochi. The page has disturbing pictures of these dead puppies. Other disturbing photos show sick and dead pets including dogs who were shot or poisoned and left for dead. (The disturbing photos have not been included in the slide show but remain on the SochiRescuedDogs Facebook page.)

Fortunately all the news on the page is not bad. There are heartwarming stories and pictures of dogs and cats who have found homes through their efforts.

Through it all, the page administrators have kept their sense of humor as is evidenced in the photo of a dog with a sign around his neck asking for transport.