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Sochi 2014: 'Twin' toilets cause jokes, controversy

With Sochi 2014 just weeks away, people find themselves talking about everything this year's Olympics have to offer. Aside from the fact that security is an issue, there are some other interesting aspects to this year's Winter Games. For instance, a photo of a bathroom stall in Sochi has been released -- and there are two toilets in one stall...

The "double occupancy stall" is getting tons of attention this week. For starters, there isn't any sort of divider between the two toilets -- in fact, they are so close together you could hold hands with the person using the commode next to you. Another fascinating tidbit is that there is only one toilet paper dispenser in the stall -- so bathroom-goers will have to share.

The not-so-funny part to the Sochi 2014 toilet situation is that images of these "double toilets" provide more evidence that Russian officials have been embezzling funds during the Olympic preparation period... because really, there wasn't enough money to put a wall between the two toilets? Many believe that up to 1/3 of the billions spent to transform Sochi into an Olympic Game playground was used improperly by government personnel. Are you surprised?

For more on this story, check out the video above.

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