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Socceroos win but don't advance

The look on this Socceroos face says it all.
The look on this Socceroos face says it all.
Associated Press

You can't cry over spilled milk, but if there was ever a time when you'd be allowed tears, it would be now and for the Aussie Socceroos. They won their match against Serbia, the team that beat Germany, but didn't score enough goals to overcome their shocking first game defeat of 4-0. Any other time, a 2-1 score would have been enough to go on, but its Ghana who advances, not Australia.

The Australian Goalkeeper, Mark Schwarzer, did a magnificent job of stopping Serbia's attempts, until late in the second half.

At The Village Idiot, the locale for most in Los Angeles westsiders,, the mood was unbelievably buoyant before the Serbia/Australia match got going. Supporters of the previous American and English teams were still in the restaurant, clearly having no intention of going back to work. Then the second round of games started, with the 'Roos as underdogs.

Australian Jim Manzie, a local musician and Cricket player was enthralled. "It's such a shame they don't advance,' he said, "they did a great job".

The Serbians in the crowd were stunned. They sat in disbelief as Australia scored goal after goal against the team they were supposed to trounce.

Australians can hold their heads high, they ended up doing a great job. After their crushing defeat against Germany, they came back stronger and stronger.

At least they didn't have the worse score of the Cup so far; that dubious honor goes to North Korea's crushing defeat 7-0. The Sydney Morning Herald summed it up "Out, but with heads high".


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