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Socceroos get their mojo back

The Socceroos seem to have gotten their groove back.
The Socceroos seem to have gotten their groove back.
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The Socceroos came back swinging today,  ready to beat Ghana after suffering a humiliating 4-0 defeat against Germany last weekend. Once again they were forced to play with 10 men, with Harry Kewell, thought to be one of Australia's best player being sent packing with a red card early in the match.

Ghanaian newspapers this week have been full of predictions that they'd wipe the floor with the Socceroos, with lots of juicy articles about how the Australian team was in shreds after their German fiasco.  However, Ghana's coach was clear that the 'roos would show up ready to win. Commentators on US television used Australia as a perfect example of what not to do. They were called the weakest team in the Cup, they shocked the soccer world by drawing the match 1-1 today.

This time, The Village Idiot on Melrose in Los Angeles was the soccer-happy restaurant of choice. It is showing each of the games that air with the exception of the 4:30am game each day.  Their chalk board lists all the games which they ceremoniously cross off when each one is  over. The food is good, the suds are great, and one of the owners is Australian, so there's lots of familiar fare.

On June 23, the Socceroos play Serbia, the team that Ghana beat. The 'roos will be without their top players, Tim Cahill and Kewell, having been red-carded twice, so its anyone's game.