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Soccer World Cup and the future "Gesture and Shoot" camera

It always amazes me how you see those hundreds of flashes going off at the World Cup games, which is pretty much the only time I watch sports. The flash unit on a camera, especially on a point and shoot, falls off dramatically after a couple of meters. There is no use in having the flash on and it probably also throws off the metering of the camera as it is counting on the extra burst of light. Any of these photographers would be much better of by setting their flashes off. Lighting in a stadium is not daylight-bright but usually enough to be able to capture the ambience. The flash unit coming on automatically is a legacy of the film days, when ISO could not be adjusted from frame to frame.

So how will this evolve? In the not-so-far future, forget about flashes. Forget about the camera too. The thruth is that, especially in public arenas, every centimeter of the area is covered by a patchwork of different cameras, security closed circuit, networked webcams, etc. It is not hard to imagine a future where you could just make a gesture wit your hands and -by tapping the picture making capabilities of these devices- create an image. Hard to believe? Check out Microsoft's SeaDragon on TED at Oh, and by the way, this is sooo 2007...

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Huba Rostonics is a Florida-based Photographer. He is constantly looking for new things to put a frame around. You can check his work at, you can also follow Huba on twitter @


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