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Soccer fan cruise ship incident: Jorge Alberto Lopez Amores remains missing

A soccer fan is missing from a cruise ship off coast of Brazil
A soccer fan is missing from a cruise ship off coast of Brazil
Photo via Karl Borg/Wikimedia Commons

A soccer fan's cruise ship excursion has now gone horribly awry. A man named Jorge Alberto Lopez Amores is missing from a cruise ship that was carrying fans of the Mexican World Cup team. Fox Sports shared the latest information on Friday.

Several witnesses on the MSC Divina indicate that the missing man jumped from the cruise ship “of his own will.” It does seem, based on witness reports, that heavy drinking had been involved prior to the man's disappearance. Both Mexican officials and people from the cruise company have verified that they are searching for the man.

The MSC Divina was carrying about 3,500 people between the cities of Fortaleza and Recife in Brazil when the soccer fan's cruise ship disappearance happened. Reuters shares that the ship had been chartered by a Mexican travel agency. The disappearance happened after Mexico and Brazil played against one another and came to a 0-0 draw. The ship was headed to Recife where the next game for the Mexican team will take place against Croatia.

Unfortunately Jorge Alberto Lopez Amores is said to have fallen into very deep waters. In addition, the drop from where he fell or jumped from the ship was about 15 stories high. The incident happened around 5 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, so at this point things look quite grim for the soccer fan in the cruise ship incident.

A report from AM indicates that the man had been drinking quite heavily throughout the trip, seemingly having brought his own alcohol onto the cruise. Witnesses have said that he indicated to people he was going to jump. It sounds as if people essentially ignored him and thought he was just drunk. Then, witnesses say, he “suddenly put his arms over his chest and jumped directly from the 15th floor.”

Though people leaned over the railing looking for the man to surface, he never did. It took 10 to 15 minutes for the cruise ship to be able to stop, and the vessel stayed in the area searching for about an hour and a half. Sadly it sounds as if this is a case of drinking leading to fatally poor judgment for the soccer fan on the cruise ship.

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