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SoCal Bishops silent on possible food stamp cuts

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Stockton's Bishop Blaire went on public record to urge Congress not to cut the $40 billion food stamp program up on the budget chopping block.

LA's Archbishop Gomez, outspoken on so many social issues, and Orange County's Bishop Vann have remained uncharacteristically silent.

Blaire called the food stamp program "one of the most effective and important federal programs to combat hunger in this nation." He urged Catholic voters to contact their Congressmen about opposing its cut. Now that the measure has passed the House it would be interesting to see if his fellow California bishops become more vocal on the issue, especially since the elimination of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) would burden already overwhelmed parish food pantries for the poor.

Many supermarket chains realize significant revenue from the current food stamp program and base thousands of jobs on it as well. Yet they have also remained silent on the issue. Not surprisingly a close inspection of their contribution records demonstrate significant support for Republican budget cutters.

Bishop Stephen E. Blaire is chairman of the U.S. Bishops Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development

Click here to read his letter opposing Congressional cuts.

Catholic voters may want to weigh in on the issue.